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We encourage you to navigate through our site and learn about what we do. We offer quality red palm from all around West Africa, without compromising natural habitats of any sort.
We take initiative in helping families in villages by fairly purchasing products and treating the products in a clean environment for our clients.

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We strive to make our Red Palm oil known are the world, as we believe it is the best red palm oil out there.
We believe in the premium quality of Dorota Red Palm Oil.
We are constantly looking for trusted partners around the world.



Yattaya - Conakry - Guinée

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Dorota Senegal

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Caribbean Produce, Inc.

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100% Organic

Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil From West Africa.
Without any additives or preservatives.

Organic Red Palm Oil

Our Organic Red Palm Oil is the authentic organic premium palm oil.

Pure Honey

Now offereing Raw pure honey from Guinea in West Africa.
Recipes on Sophie Anne Company

Red Palm Oil Recipes

The fruit of the African oil palm (Elaesis guineensis), which grows throughout tropical Africa, is used in many African dishes. making palm oil from palm nuts, congoPalm nuts, the fruit of the African oil palm, are not much bigger than grapes and grow in large bunches. They are orange-red in color, and their pulp and oil give a distinctive color and taste to many African soups and stews. Palm oil is to tropical African cooking what olive oil is to Mediterranean cooking and butter is to northern European cooking.
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Watch how our Red Palm Oil are produced.

Made locally by locals from mature tall palm trees

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Sophie Anne Company prides itself in offering the best of Africa, we offer vegetable fats and oils from West Africa. We've been in business since 1997. Most villagers in many parts of Africa, have spent all there lives producing palm oil and they mostly use it domestically, the palm oils produced in villages we believe are pure, organic and done the right way, no chemicals are added, and our red palm oil is locally produced.

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